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Hello Everyone, 

Yet again, long time no see! Due to a busy schedule. While i sit here on my laptop I'm trying to wrack my brain thinking of a post to write and i thought of how bored i have been lately because it is school holidays and i have to stay at home to baby sit :((

That is the reason i wrote this blog post because maybe you guys, my sweet readers, are suffering the same problem! 

So here are 10 things to do at home if you're bored!

1. Start a blog and note down some blog post ideas! Even if you have a blog keep posting! Much to the opposite of me. If you don't know how to start your blog first off you just need to think of a blog name idea, your blogs layout, the audience you're targeting and what you will write about. If you would like me to expand on how to start a blog, comment down below and i might make a blog post about it :))

2. Start a youtube channel and if you already have one, film more videos! Just trust yourself, pick up the camera and have fun! Follow what you're passionate about and if you don't have a camera you can use a phone.

3. Bake some delicious foods! Google or search up a video on YouTube, some of your favourite recipes or some easy ones to make. Best of all, you get to eat it afterwards!

4. Search up a DIY to do like some craft or even something handy like a peg holder for polaroid pictures. It is fun and some DIY's on the massive realm of the internet are simple yet effective.

5. Read a book or two! You will benefit reading them by switching off your mind from technology and switching on your brain for intelligence and vocabulary! Maybe you can even re-read some of your fav series!

6. Binge watch you're fav tv shows or even some new ones, contrary to reading a book!

7. Indulge and watch some of your favourite movies on netflix along with a  few decadent snacks.

8. There is nothing better than having a good old nap!

9. Call your friends and have a chat to them or invite them over. It always turns a boring day into an exciting one.

10. Go exploring! Take a hike in the closest woods, chuck on a bikini and go to the closest beach or take a hike among the mountains. The options are endless!

What are your favourite things to do when you're bored? Comment down below :)

Rhi S xx

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