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4:37 pm

Hello everyone,

How are you all going? I am very excited atm because i have finalised some forms for my year-long exchange in Finland (which i have a blog for btw: Rhianna's Finnish Adventures ) As of the 14th of October i only have 3 months until i leave. CRAZY!

Today is just going to be chatty and a lifestyle kinda post because i am really running out of ideas and am having to rely on Google for more ideas :((

At the moment, i have the realisation that people are being competitive for no reason. I won't be stating specifics on here because of privacy but i just want to let everyone know; that jealousy and being competitive in relationships, whether it be friends or more than friends, is not needed and it can be toxic. Being competitive brings yours and the other persons, self-esteem down and i would love to live in a world where self-esteem levels are at an ultimate high. These quotes are ones i think and will continue to live by. Life is not a competition. We are not born to think we are not good enough. I think our world has changed that view and i only wish it was different.


LOVE YOU ALL XOXO Sorry for the downer post :))

Also, I'm  not saying that being competitive in sports or academics or whatever, is bad, i think its just bad in relationships and in general! And this is not aimed at anyone, so sorry if the shoe fits :)

Comment below your thoughts, let your mind be free, spill every thought x

Also comment post ideas! :))

Rhi S xx

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