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The ideal thing for my little corner of the internet and my little corner of followers and blog post readers (this is not meant to sound weird) is to show a little bit about myself to you. To do this, i thought i should write to you about something i like doing or that i love or a hobby etc. But that's just too generic. So today's post is about my top 5 inspirational quotes and why i love them. You never know, it might inspire you and you might print these pictures out and stick them on your wall :)

This quote by Emma Watson is definitely one i stand for and it gives me a lot more confidence in myself and what i'm doing. Emma is my idol and this quote has helped me do things i never thought i would be able to do because i am shy and quite often suffer with stress. An example of this is applying for a year-long Youth Exchange and i am SO proud of myself. Now let's just hope i get into the exchange ;)

This quote, said by an unknown person, helps me through difficult times and when i say this to myself it also shows me that i am not the only one who suffers. It also helps me believe that after the end of a difficult time i will still shine and be as happy as i can be. 

I found this quote by googling inspirational quotes (as everyone does) and i can't believe i haven't seen this one before!! I found that it is a perfect analogy and reminded me that through difficult times i have to keep moving forward otherwise i will lose my balance. 

This quote can only come from the one and only ALBUS WUFLRIC BRIAN DUMBLEDORE. As you can tell i am obsessed with Harry Potter (fan-girling that there will be another movie) and it is similar to the stars quote. It represents through difficult and "dark" times, one only needs to remember to move forward, stay positive and '"turn on the light".

This is just a cute little quote i found  and it reminds me about my dreams as a kid and my wish to fulfil them. One was to travel the world and i am already working towards them by having a job, saving up money and applying for exchange. Remember, all of our dreams come true, just gain the courage you need to pursue them.

I hope everyone enjoyed this blog post. I hope you are all okay and happy and if you're not, remind yourself of these quotes and eventually everything will be okay. Someone out there loves you, maybe they don't know it yet, but they do, and your life is precious to them. Your lives are precious to me my little enchilada readers. I love you all!

Rhi S xxxx

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