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Hello everyone,

I know 2 posts in 2 days. AMAZING right. Anyway, todays post is about my beauty collection/storage. I also hope in the future to do a video of this on my YouTube channel but for now i will keep it as a blog post. I don't know about you guys, but i absolutely love watching YouTube videos or reading other peoples blog posts about their makeup/beauty collection and its storage. I love seeing how everyone organises their beauty products and it always inspires me to neaten mine up a bit and even change it up. Without further ado, lets get started.

Door number 1 - Base Shelf

This first shelf is what i like to call, my base shelf. It is full of products like foundation, moisturiser, brushes, mascara, concealer, powder etc. 

 Product List:
Other Random Drugstore Brushes

Door Number 2 - Glam it up

This shelf is what i call the glam it up shelf. It is full of some Eyeshadow palettes, Bronzer, Small Compact Mirrors, Lipsticks and Lip glosses.

Product List:
Rubi Shoes Bronzer Palette
A whole bowl of drugstore lip glosses such as profusion, boe, academy of colour, lip smacker, BYS etc.

Door Number 3 - Put your Nails On

I call this shelf put your nails on because it is jam packed and full of many kinds of nail polishes. All different sizes, colours and brands. 

 Product list:
Beauty Works Nail Polish Minis
Supre Nail Polish in black, pink and purple
Boe nail polish in pink and caviar beads

Door Number 4 - Pampered Up

I call this shelf pampered up because it contains all my lip balms, hand sanitisers and small perfumes. 

Product List:
Lotta Luv Lip balm in Sugar Daddy and Hersheys Strawberry Syrup
Lacura Naturals Grapefruit Lip Balm
Lipsmacker Paul Frank Cotton candy Lip Gloss
Avon naturals Apple Lip Pot
Revo Lip Balm in Melon Mint 
Bath and Body Works PocketBac Ghoul Friend
Bath and Body Works PocketBac Cozy Vanilla Cream 
Rubi Shoes Scent Perfume in Desert Daze
Michael Kors White Luminous Gold tester

Shelf Number 1 - The on fire cleansing shelf

Random name but this shelf is called the on fire cleaning self because it holds all my toner and skin care products as well as my collection of candles. I will only list the cleansing products. 

 Product List:

Shelf Number 2 - Sweet Shelf

I call this shelf the "sweet shelf" because it holds all my perfumes, sprays and deodorants.

Product List:

Drawer Number 1 - Drawer of Beauty

I call this drawer the drawer of beauty because not only does it hold some school stuff, it also holds my hair straightener, eye shadow palettes, tissues, makeup wipes and cotton pads.

 Product List:
BYS NUDE3 Metallic and Matte Eyeshadow Palette
Photo Finish Colour Eyeshadow Palette
 Visage hair Straightener 
Drugstore Cotton Pads
Drugstore Tissues
Derma Facial Wipes

Drawer Number 2 - Lots of Bags

This drawer is basically just full of makeup bags and girly products therefore there will be no product list because i physically couldn't find brand names etc. 

Drawer Number 3 - Lotions Galore

Next to my bed and under my dressing table i keep a box/drawer full of body lotions/hand creams and body moisturisers.

Product List:
K-Mart Coconut Body Butter
K-Mart Mandarin Vanilla Invigorating Hand Cream
Avon Care Hand and Nail Restore
Drugstore Body Butter in Almond Candy Milkshake

So guys, that is all of my beauty products in my room, on my shelves and in my drawers, besides the ones in my bathroom.

Comment below if you want to see what is in my bathroom cupboard or my lush collection :)

Also sidenote: when i refer to a "drugstore" purchase i mean a chemist or cheap shop. I used to be confused too and everything was confusing.

Rhi S xx

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