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Hello everybody!

It has been a long time since my last post in which i have celebrated 2016 by re-discoveirng my gaming addiction of both sims 3 and sims 4 and hitting up the beach. The weather over here is humid and above 30 degrees right now and i am blooming hating it. Let me be in Europe somewhere right now, #praying. Anyway, todays post is my top 10 favourite movies of all time. Hopefully in the future i will make a video of it too on my YouTube channel.

Number 1 - Divergent
ATM i am in LOVE with divergent. I have been re-reading the books and i have been aspiring to Shailene Woodley and Beatrice's character. If you have never seen this movie before, i highly recommend it. The story line is basically about 5 different factions which each hold different qualities. They are: Abnegation (self-less), Erudite (Intelligence/Smarts), Amity (Peacefulness/Happiness/Hope), Dauntless (No fear/No Cowardice/Bravery) and Candor (Honesty). Tris doesn't fall into one of these categories on her choosing day and instead she falls into a few which makes her divergent. Watch the trailer below for a good idea.

Number 2 - Harry Potter Series
There is no sentence that could describe my love for the harry potter series. Books and Movies. If you love a fantasy movie with action, romance and drama then this series is right for you. Shame on you if you haven't seen it but in case you would like to check it out, here's the trailer for the first movie.

Number 3 - The Fault in our Stars
This movie is a terribly sad and romantic movie. Im not very good at this describing thing therefore i will kind of just put the trailer below. I would only watch this movie if you like or can deal with sad movies because it is very sad. It is like My Sisters Keeper in a way and it is based off the book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It also features my goddess Shailene Woodley.

Number 4 - Inside Out
This is a children's movie but it has a deeper meaning to it if you watch it when you are older. This movie follows a young girl through adolescence and her child hood, showing all her emotions. They show the emotions through characters inside her brain such as joy, anger, fear, sadness and disgust. This is a good movie if you want all the emotions and a funny little movie to watch.

Number 5 - The Hunger games Mockingjay Part 2
This is a movie that came out in 2015 and i waited a year for and it is the second part of mockingjay. It was everything i expected and more however it didn't really follow the books well. If you were to watch this movie i would expect you to also watch the hunger games, catching fire and mockingjay part 1 for it to make sense.

Number 6 - Lucy
This movie i believe came out in either 2013 or 2014 but i absolutely love it. Only watch this trailer if you are over 15 because it does have some eye opening scenes involving drugs and violence. Basically it is about a girl who was kidnapped and drugged, but the drugs gave her incredible powers and it let her unlock a lot of her brains capacity. More than capability in a normal human. It is an action packed movie and it is a huge eye opener.

Number 7 - The Maze Runner
Again i love this movie and it is also based on a series of books by James Dashner. it is about the world that has fallen because of a disease which is explained in the next movie and children are put into experiments carried out by something called WICKD. The main character Thomas is first seen going into the glade (the experiment base) and he later becomes a runner, exploring the maze that runs around the entire glad in an attempt to get out. This is an action packed and thrilling movie.

Number 8 - Pitch Perfect 2
A Sequel to Pitch Perfect 1 where the Barden Bellas battle with a new Acapella group in new competitions and with new members in the group. It is hilarious and the competitions and songs in the movie are amazing. I especially liked the competition the Bellas were against, DAS sound machine, DSM, who are Russian/German and do catchy songs with advanced technologies in the performances etc. I especially like their song "Jump". The only thing that disappointed me was that they didn't make the jokes they made in the trailer in the actual movie which made it less funny such as the WW2 one but i see the intentions behind it.

Number 9 - Minions
Another childrens movie that follows the minions before they met Gru. We follow their adventures, how they lived, their old masters etc. It is a funny, cute and good childrens movie. 

Number 10 - The Avengers Age of Ultron
It is the second avengers movie and it is about a robot called Ultron and he tries to destroy the avengers and the rest of the world. All the avengers join together to defeat it. Again it is action packed and thrilling.

That is only some of my favourite movies and now i am listening to DAS sound machine music because i love it so much. Make sure you check out Flulas channel on youtube (the main male character of DAS sound machine). Also while you're at it check out my channel!

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