The New Year

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The 1st of January 2016 saw an end to another year of memories, both happy and sad, and moments full of laughter and tears. 2015 was a year full of opportunities for me, some of which i took advantage of. For example the beginning of this blog. The beginning of this blog saw an amateur writer, write about her feelings under the name of Miss Anonymouse, because she was too scared to come out of her shell and reveal the truth of the writer of the blog posts. That writer was me, who now goes by the name of Rhi S and changed the name of the blog from Miss Anonymouse to Pretty Printings. I updated my layouts many times until the current one came forth which i am extremely happy with. 2015 was a whirlwind of emotions and memories and i can't wait to see what will happen in 2016!

January 2015
January 2015 i can only imagine was a new start to a new year. I don't really remember january much because i have no photos to document it but i can think of the excitement i felt when thinking about what the year could hold. I would finally be eligible for a job and i was starting my year 9 electives.

February 2015
February saw the start of my blog, a week or two into school, my birthday, my dads birthday and so much more! My very first blog posts are now deleted because they introduced the blog as Miss Anonymouse, but i wrote about introducing the blog, valentines day and best friend problems. The only very first blog post still available on my blog is my lush haul, which i still absolutely love. Im sure my first few weeks in year 9 at school weren't too hard and i wasn't getting any tasks, but i would soon come to realise. Also at the very start of this month we celebrated my dads birthday on the 2nd, my birthday on the 3rd and a few of my friends birthdays. There are also no photos for this month because they were all on my old phone :(.

March 2015
I don't have any documentation of march and my memory doesn't go back that far but i did have 2 blog posts for that month. A shopping haul and a bath bomb quickie! That feels just like yesterday! 

April 2015
April was the month of my mums birthday and a year since i had been on my america trip for dancing. Time flies and i can't believe it is already 2016. I can't even begin to think about how fast it will be until its next year and i will be in the senior year group and i will have my driving Ls. This blog only saw 1 post in the month of April and that was: the colours of the rainbow: baths and bubbles. This month was a time of many assignments for me and stress was at an all time high. At easter time i also went to Redhead with my best friend and we had the best time! We went sight seeing around new castle, ate plenty of chocolate for easter, hit the shops and took many model shots.

May 2015
May was the month of my sisters birthday and one of my best friends birthday was near. I spoilt my best friend rotten and i can't really remember what else happened during this month. The only blog post this month saw was my stile file: colouring your black and white outfit, blog post. 

June 2015
June saw no blogposts on this blog and it now makes me realise how slack i was with them. Dancing was getting busy at this time as the dance concert was getting near and dances needed to be completed and acting lines practiced!

July 2015
In July i don't really remember what happened. This blog post is full of memories un remembered unless i have taken photos and that is a sad reality. It is sad we only remember the memories that stick with us forever or if they are in hardcopy. Anyway, this blog saw another blog post called: Apology/girlfriend magazine parcel review. Which was about me apologising for being so slack, that i was going to take a break and a review on the girlfriend magazine parcel which i loved!

August 2015
In August i celebrated another one of my best friends birthday and i participated in the 40 hour famine for the 3rd year in a row. I gave up 3 things: food, furniture and technology and managed to save up $200 or more worth in donations which i felt very accomplished about. This month saw no blog posts, however, i believe it was another time of stress and assignments, as well as half yearlies. In august i also went to a high school Dance Festival with a few of my friends and we enjoyed ourselves loads and performed the best we could. At the end of August my dad also came back from New York and he bought me some Bath and Body Works' goodies which i am now addicted too.

September 2015
In september my best friend went on a trip to the UK for 3 weeks and i missed her very dearly. She had a great time seeing old friends and family and hitting the shops. I believe this was also another time of school stress as i wrote a blog post called: dealing with the stress of school and assignments. 

October 2015
In October we celebrated Halloween and i went trick or treating with my sister and her friends as well as one of my friends and i binged watch Zoella's halloween videos. This month saw no new blog posts until late November when my blog hit off and i started becoming more efficient. However, this month was also a very sad one, as we had a death in the family and we had to fly over to another part of the country for the funeral. Although sad, it was also nice to meet new family members and see this beautiful part of the country. 

November 2015
November was a big month for me. I was getting closer to my friends, i wrote a new blog post, i had my end of year dance concert, i went to canberra for a school leadership program and i got accepted into a summer camp for more leadership stuff. The blog post i wrote included: PP photo day/Monthly Favs. My end of year dance concert was a huge success and it was my first year of acting. I was also awarded the drama performer of the year award! Canberra was extremely fun and it was a huge eye opener. I went there as part of a student voice alliance and we attended several remembrance day ceremonies with Menin Gate Buglers. We got to sight see a lot and meet many official people. 

December 2015
December brought the end of the year closer and closer and i made many festive blog posts! I binge watched Zoellas 24 Days of Zoella videos and many YouTuber vlogmasses. I also binge read many festive blog posts. School ended with a bang going to Wet n Wild and i had loads of fun going on all the rides! At school we also said goodbye to a couple of our favourite teachers including our dance teacher who we were very close to! Although we hope her new job is a good one we will miss her loads and a few tears were shed. Christmas was a great time with my family and i got very spoilt in the present category. In late December i started watching Klara Elvira on YouTube and i started my own YouTube channel which i am glad i started! I enjoy it very much and as well as my blog, i find it to be one of my happy places! December was also a time where my family got our new puppy Lincoln, a male Bordoodle who was and still is very cheeky and cute. The blog posts of this month included: ITS CHRISTMAS MONTH! HIP, HIP HOORAY!, New Puppy, Cake Pop Recipe | How i Failed and Starting my YouTube Channel. Oh, and i also can't forget Boxing Day Sales! I went crazy at all the shops and bought a few things including a lot of lush items! What can i say, they were half price?!

All in all, 2015 was a great year full of great people, memories and events and i can't wait for what this year holds. Lets hope its another great year!

Hope you all have a happy year full of your wishes granted and happy memories!

Rhi S xx

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