New Puppy

6:57 pm

Hey everyone,

Before i begin with this post, this post and the next one will not be christmas related. So sorry to bring down your X-Mas cheer but i had to do them!

As the title says, i just wanted to let you guys know that i got a new puppy! He is a 9 week old male Bordoodle (which is a Border Collie cross mini Poodle) and he is absolutely adorable! We are currently training him in not to bite the furniture or nip us and to do his business outside. He runs up to the grass to do his poo but he does wee whenever he has to, where ever that may be, which can be very annoying. He is very energetic but is also calm and loving when you want him to be. We all love him very much and can't wait for the years with him ahead. 

P.S we are getting him a X-mas present and getting a X-Mas stocking for him. As every puppy should. 

Below is a picture of him.

Underneath the picture of him, is his doggie bed, teddy, leash, collar and food bowl. The print of it all is a tad girlie but that is only because we originally thought we were getting a female dog. It turned out he was the most calm of the litter and we fell instantly in love. At least theres blue in there right?!

Comment down below if you have a pet? What type of pet do you have?

Rhi S xx

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