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Cake Pop Recipe | How I Failed

8:29 pm

Hey everyone,
This blogpost is a post on christmas cake pops. They tasted delicious and are very festive. They are suitable for young kids and quite easy to make. My cake pops ended in a sort of fail because they fell of their sticks because of their weight. I suggest getting thicker skewers or actual cake pop skewers for it to work.

Cake mixture (pre mixed cake box)
80g butter
200g icing sugar
300g red chocolate melts
Foam or Cake pop board

Pre-heat oven to 160 degrees fan forced

Mix all ingredients with an electric mixer

Pour batter into a round pan

Shake pan to make the surface of the cake all flat

Put the cake in the oven.

Put on a timer for 40 minutes (this depends on the cake you make)

Measure out 80g of softened butter

Mix butter until it turns a creamy white colour

Add in 200g of icing sugar

Mix on a low-medium speed with an electric mixer

Cover the bowl in plastic wrap

Put the buttercream in the fridge for 30 minutes

Take cake out of oven and set to cool for 5 minutes

Take cake out of pan and let it cool for further 20 minutes. To speed up the process i put it in the fridge.
Cut off crusty edges

Break cake into crumbs

Add tablespoons of butter cream into the cake crumbs until it has
reached a doughy consistancy

Roll dough into a ball, wrap in plastic wrapping and put in the fridge for 1 hour

Take dough out of fridge and roll into tea spoon sized balls. Make sure to squeeze them tight.

Put cake pops in fridge for a further 20 minutes

Melt red chocolate melts and put into a deep bowl, mug or measuring cup. Also open your decorations and put into bowls, mugs or measuring cups.

Dip skewers into chocolate

Stick skewers halfway in the cake pop and leave to set for 5 minutes

Dip cake pop into chocolate 

Stick skewers into the foam. Sprinkle decorations over the top and leave to set for 5 minutes. I put mine in the freezer.

These are all the cake pops that fell off their sticks. The things i did wrong were : didn't leave the sticks in to set long enough and the skewers were too thin

Finished product! Even though they are ugly, they tasted delicious!
Side note: give yourself many hours to make these! It took me from 5 pm to 9 pm! Also, make sure you don't use a moist cake mix!

Rhi S xx

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