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Hello everyone,
As you have seen:
1. My blog got a facelift! Do you like it?
2. I didn't start the christmas blog posts :(

Today i am starting the christmas blog posts and as Joe Sugg would say: "I'm not a daily vlogger". In my case I'm not a daily vlogmas/christmas blogposter. Sorry if they were your expectations. Anywho, to start off December blog posts there are a few photos of christmas decorations in my room, our christmas tree, my advent calendar and my nails!

How cute are the above 2 pictures!! I got the ornament, black mini tree and lights all for $20
at a shop called Typo. Holy cuteness.

Mint green and gold nails. Festive isn't it! :D

This is my advent calendar. Not the cutest of things and i am
hoping to get a cadbury one so i can have 2 this year. As you can see 4 are
missing and only 20 left :O! 

Our beautifully decorated christmas tree, decorated by my mum and sister.
The theme this year is white and silver.

Our three stockings.

A countdown to christmas!
I am super excited for christmas this year and with my new job i am buying my whole family presents. They will love me forever. Looking forward to blogging for the rest of December and although it may not be daily, i hope you guys like it :).

P.S I am getting a puppy tomorrow! It is a Bordoodle (Border Collie cross Mini Poodle) and she has brown fur and blue/green eyes. Her name will be Luca. Cant wait to meet her!

Bye for now,
Merry December!

Rhi S xx

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