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Hey guys,

Been super slack lately with my blog and i have said sorry way to many times, but maybe blogging just isn't my thing (even though when i actually can be bothered to post, i LOVE IT). But today i decided to do a photo shoot of new makeup and things i have been loving. I plan to upload these every Friday/Saturday and upload every other blog post on a Wednesday. However, I'm making no promises, as i am that person who always breaks them. Sad Face. My goal for this december is to also (just like Zoella on her YouTube) post a new blog post everyday from the 1st of December to the 25th. I will be blogging al things christmas, whether it be DIY, baking, clothes hauls, tree decorating, Q and A etc. It depends what you guys want and comment below of what you want. I was also wondering if any of you guys think i should start a YouTube account and start making videos?? Maybe i will record my christmas blog posts instead of writing them, to get me started! Let me know! Ok, bring forth the photos!

A natural, metallic and matte coloured dupe of Naked brand eyeshadow! NUDE3 by BYS from K-Mart.

Pink LOL nail polish to put me in a bright and happy mood!

L'oreal Paris colour riche lipstick in the shade 377, perfect red.

I have been using the body shop moisture foundation in the shade 02 for the past month and i have been IN LOVE!

On top of my foundation i have been using the BYS translucent natural loose powder.


Just a photo of my bedside table with a few accessories. Hello Adele. ;) SO PUNNY!

My new colour scheme in my room will be baby blues, copper, white and matte black.

Bought new from feel-unique.com and just delivered! Can't wait to use it!

Lush candy mountain bought a few days ago. Everyone raves about it so i thought
why not?

Lush Magic Wand. Smells like snow fairy and leaves bath, bubbly, glittery
and pink! I also love the idea of swirling it in the bath.

Secret addiction is the monopoly millionaire card game. Me and my friend are absolutely addicted and it has turned into a major competition. 
Thanks for Reading!

Whats your fav products ATM? Comment Below :)

Rhianna xx

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