Dealing with the stress of school and assignments

7:28 pm

For me it is getting to that time of year again where i have 8 assignments at once and a maths test. Crazy right?! Its like the teachers plan to bombard us with all the assignments at once just to stress us out.

In this blog post i will be giving a few tips on how i study and how i stay calm through all of this stress.

Tips for studying
1. Keep highlighters handy and colour code your study notes. For example Pink for things you don't know, yellow for things you sorta know and unhighlighted for what you do know. This is so you know what to study more of.
2. Be in a quite place where you can study and focus. This means no music or YouTube videos unless you are one of those people that have to listen to music to study.
3. Have all resources you need to study. Whether it be a textbook, workbook or websites. Keep them resources topped up!

Tips for Assignments
1. Stay focused. Either do this by going outside, locking yourself indoors, listening to music or sitting in complete silence. Do whatever suits you. 
2. Keep all resources handy. AKA internet access, printer, stationary, paper etc.
3. Section off the time you do your assignment and when you have free time. For example do 20 minutes of your assignment then have a 15 minute break

Calm and Collected
In the way of staying calm, i give myself enough time to study and complete the assignment so i don't have to stress about handing it in the next day and still not finishing, or the possibility that the printer breaks! I personally like to light a few candles in my room (my favourite smelling ones) which makes me feel calm and i also like to youtube calm, yoga music or the sound of rain (okay its probably just me and I'm weird). Other than that think about all the times you have been calm and the surrounding you were in. Once you know make that surrounding happen!

I hope you liked those quick tips on studying and assignments. The top half of this blog post was written before the school holidays and i only just completed it (it is now school holidays). I am so deeply sorry that it has been months since my last blog post but school and family businesses make it extremely hard to keep up scheduled blog posts. Although, now its school holidays expect a few more blog posts :D! 

P.s I hope you like the name change. I couldn't stand being anonymous anymore because i love you guys so much xx 

Pps Should my next blog post be all about me? Or should i just write that in the about me section of my blog? Comment down below.

Love you all,
Rhi S xx

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