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Hey guys,

How have you been?? I'm so so so infinity sorry that I haven't posted in months!! I have no excuse except for the fact that I have been busy with school, practicing lines (I'm acting in two performances for my dance school), chores and spending time with myself. 

I have also been very stressed/anxious in trying to get good marks it my assignments, organising a massive sleepover etc. Hopefully you can understand where I'm coming from as we all have stressful, busy and sometimes down days (I had a really downer day yesterday even though I don't know why?! Probably just the  hormones).

Anyway on with the blog post. A few months ago I subscribed to the girlfriend magazine's the parcel beauty box. I have recently received my first 2 and decided to write a review on it. For one parcel it is an extremely cheap price of $20 with a great range and good quality of beauty products inside. 

As I accidentally threw out my parcel box I will be posting the promo pics that girlfriend magazine posted on Instagram in order for you guys to know what it looks like. Post note, I have not been payed to say this neither have they asked me to do an advertisement for them. Its just by pure interest.

Miss Moxie Heart Shaped Tin
A small heart shaped tin including 16 mini sized tampons for first time users. I haven't got my period yet, so I can't tell you what they are like but stay tuned!! There is also an included instruction manual. Very Handy! 
?/10 (10/10 for the cute tin!)

Melon Mint Flavoured Revo Lip-Balm
Smells like melons from summer with a whiff of refreshing mint. Perfect for all seasons with moisturising components curing soar lips and not to mention a perfect size to put in your hand bag. When i first used the product i fell in love with the scent and wanted to lick it off my now fully moisturised lips. I also chuck it in my hand bag everywhere i go because you never know when you will get dry lips. I also found this product to be a cheaper version of EOS lip balms which is perfect for me.

Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Foam Wash
A foam wash that leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Ridding your face from dirts and oils that clog your pores. When i used this product the smell of it came to me as herbal and strange although i got used to it. If i hadn't been wearing any make-up that day i would use this product instead of a cleanser and use toner afterwards.

MOR Little Luxuries Marshmallow Scented Hand Cream
Extremely moisturising hand cream that smells like the sweetness of a musk lolly and melted marshmallows. After use the skin feels silky smooth and leaves hands irresistible to touch. This hand cream contains Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sesame seed oil and Vitamins A & E. When i used this product it also made me want to eat my hands because of the decadent smell. After use not only did my hands smell A-MAZING but they were also silky smooth. Not to mention that this product is a perfect size to fit in your hand bag, good for those times when you have dry and cracked hands.

BYS illuminator in the shade Glimmer
This shimmery, bronze/copper coloured illuminator enhances your facial features. Wear it on your  cheek bones (or where ever you like) or mix it with everyday foundation to make your face shine. I don't wear this product much as the tone is way too dark for my extremely fair skin although when i do use it, i use less than a pea sized amount and i spread it on my cheek bones, reflecting a warm glow. I haven't mixed it with my foundation yet, but stay tuned. The size of this product would perfectly fit into my hand bag and that is what i did love the most about this product.
7 and a half/10

Designer Brands Quick Colour Nail Polish
I got this polish in a poppy red colour which makes my nails pop with colour! The polish itself dries in 30 seconds and there is only 1 coat of polish needed to produce a shiny and chip resistant texture. I was extremely surprised with this product from the moment i used it. The words are true to themselves. It really was a poppy red colour and it did dry in 30 seconds! 

Rubi Bronzer
A massive palette of bronzer that also includes an adequate sized mirror. This bronzer gives the person a sun-kissed complexion. This bronzer is also way too dark for my skin therefore i don't use it often, however, when i did i put the tiniest bit on a brush and put it just under my cheekbones. This worked well with the illuminator. I felt that the size of this product was a little too over the top and it would definitely not fit in my hand bag, although, it did include a mirror. 

There you have it. My first review on Girlfriend Magazines' The Parcel. Be aware that not all products are full sized samples and may be sample sizes. Colours of the product may also vary.

Comment down below which of these prods you are willing to try out!

Miss Anonymouse xx

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