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Style File: Colouring your black and white outfit

9:30 am

Hi all,
This blog post idea popped into my head whilst reading the girlfriend magazine (best magazine eva!) just before a storm hit that took out all of my power and knocked out some precious trees (one time in the storm we had to go to the shops and buy candles and d sized batteries. They were practically all gone. I swear it was an apocalypse).This is why my blog post hasn't been posted until now and also because I have to study for three tests for next week. Bleh.

Anyway, no this post isn't about getting out the coloured pens and your best black and white clothing to colour it in and make it look "pretty". This post means: tips on how to make your monochrome outfit less boring and project the inner you.

Of late, I have found that every time I have been shopping I pick out the black or white clothing from the racks (especially now it is autumn-winter). I know boooorrinngg. All clothing in my wardrobe is monochrome and I find myself wondering how can I style this so I can show the inner me? How can I style it so I don't look like a convict or a prisoner?

A while later I saw one of Zoellas' YouTube videos as well as one of Tanya Burrs' and they both have fashion hauls consisting mainly black and white outfits. I also had been reading a previous issue of Girlfriend mag and noticed their clothing section contained many monochrome outfits. Although most of them were AMAZING and I loved their style I thought it would be a little bit better with a pop of colour.

This brings me to what I will write now on how to put pops of colour into YOUR monochrome outfit and maybe even express a little inner YOU. So do you fear the feeling of looking boring with your fancy black and white outfit? Fear not and read on!

1. Pop a little colour on those nails of yours! I know all the rainbow colours in little bottles on your shelves can be daunting but just pick a colour you are drawn to or choose a colour that is trending (especially ones that suit the season). Of course not all colours suit all skin types so if it doesn't suit your skin colour try for a darker or lighter shade. Personally I always like to wear cherry colours, deep reds and brown shades in autumn. Shades that are trending for this years autumn (according to vogue: Vogue Nail Colours) include:

Slate Grey
Cherry Black
Gold/Bronze Base with Gold Glitter Topcoat

Deep Blue
Silvery Glitter
Tree Green
Rose Gold
Chocolate Brown

Bronze Rose
Raspberry Red
2. Wear SOME jewellery. DONT over do it. It will wreck the whole look. Try a necklace, ring or bracelet that work with the outfit for example if you are wearing a turtle necked top wear a bracelet instead of a necklace and if you are wearing a v neck wear a necklace. A ring will suit anything as will a bracelet. If possible try to suit your jewellery colours to your nails or keep them as a simple silver or gold coloured piece.

3. ACCESSORIES! Style your outfit with a trendy bag, cute bow, stylish sunnies or classy hat.Whatever it may be, go for a specific look whether it be classy, trendy, cute, stylish maybe even sassy. Try to make it suit the pops of colour you have already put in your outfit so the colours are linked. Work it Girl!

4. Sport a trendy coloured jacket that is really simple, has no patterns and will put a pop of colour in the outfit for example:

Work it like Carly Rae Jepsen in this GORGEOUS jacket

5. Last but not least add a hint of colour in your SHOES. Whether it be blue heels in a formal look or
neon Nikes in a sporty look it will most definitely work. To make it look absolutely perf, work this tip with the nail colour tip and you will have your non-boring black and white outfit!

Comment down below if you tried any of these tips and if you found they worked or didn't work! I would love to hear some feedback :)

Miss Anonymouse xx

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