Colours of the Rainbow: Baths and Bubbles

9:39 am

Of late I am really into bath bombs and although I don't have all the colours of the rainbow, I have a few and I thought to share them! All of these bath bombs are  delightful, turning the bath colourful, providing decadent bubbles and letting off wonderful aromas, made by lush.





Number 1
This orange bath colour is made by the bubble bar Brightside. The aroma is zesty and citrusy, the colour is a bright orange and the bubbles are flourishing and white as paper.
Number 2
This green bath colour is made by the bath bomb Fizzbanger. The aroma is lemony-toffee apple, the colour turns from a bright yellow to a bright green in a matter of seconds and the bubbles are very much the same to the Brightside bubble bar.
Number 3
This multi-coloured/violet bath colour is made by the bath bomb granny takes a dip. The aroma is pepper and lemon scented, the colour turns from multi-coloured consisting of blue green and pink to a deep violet and the bubbles are decadent, from multi-coloured to white and very thick.
Number 4
This violet bath colour (which is very similar to number 3) is made by the bath bomb twilight. The aroma is lavender, as I didn't use the entire bath bomb, the colour turned deep violet colour but as the advertisement says it creates a vision of the night sky so I believe to turns a deep blue and the bubbles are similar to number 2 and 1 although thicker.
Comment below which is your favourite colour :)
Miss Anonymouse xx

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