Bath Bomb Quickie!

9:43 am

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post on the yellow lush bath bomb called the fizzbanger. Surprisingly I loved this bath bomb even though it has a kind of lemony scent (a scent I don't usually fancy). From the outside the bath bomb looks like it would turn your bath a lovely yellow colour although I will tell you this, it is not yellow. I loved the shade it turned into and there was a surprise in the middle of the bath bomb that I will let you find out for yourself. However I will post a pic of the colour because I just can't resist. 
Gorgeous right?
Comment below if you got this bath bomb and liked it! Also comment what is in the middle! 
Sorry for the short post but I have been really busy with school assignments, however, I hope to do a longer blog post at the end of the month, so stay tuned to find out what it is.

Miss Anonymouse xx
Comment a :) if you read this far. Love you guys xx

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